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Do other sitters have full-time (or almost full-time) jobs?

Hi, I'm a newbie, and want to ask if anyone successfully does drop-in visits and sitting while they also have "day jobs?"  As a cat parent and animal (cats and dogs) lover myself, I want to do a good job and become a trusted sitter.  My job is flexible, with my being able to pretty much set my own schedule. I also need to give my profile another look, in order to attract and retain clients.

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Re: Do other sitters have full-time (or almost full-time) jobs?

If you have a flexible schedule and can adhere to the customers’ requests for service and timing, then yes do it! If your day job continually interferes with your ability to care for the client, then no.
Personally, I left my day job years ago and only focus on caring for clients.

Post a link to your profile, there’s a bunch of great people on the support forums that can give you feedback.

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