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Feed back on my site please

I would love feedback on my site.  I am new to Rover and would appreciate any suggestions to improve and increase my business.  Thank you.

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Re: Feed back on my site please

-Profile pic, change to a high quality pic of you looking into the camera.  Do a sitter search for your area and look at the need to stand out, and in a good way.

-Pricing-It's not for me to say what your time's worth, but your sitting rate is about double what sitters in your area are asking.

-Other photos - Some nice quality pics of dogs, your home would be nice.  Showcase yourself!

-Get your Rover101 badge

I'm relatively new, and I regularly tweak my profile.  Profiles MATTER.  It would be good for you to do a search for sitters in your area, and look at their profiles to get ideas.  


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Re: Feed back on my site please

Your profile may be lacking clear focus, your pictures may be of poor quality, your rates may be to high, your availability doesn't fit clients needs, and you may not have any reviews or testimonials, those are the items most sitters struggle with if they aren't acquring clients.     And of note:   It can take time even months for a new sitter to acquire their first booking, in my case it took 3 months, yet some get that first booking quickly - it all comes down to profile, rates and availability

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Re: Feed back on my site please

Based on reviews, you've been providing care through other sources for the past few years. It may be worth considering if you have a client that you could book on Rover, especially if they'd be a repeat client, because then under Reviews, it will show that as a Verified Stay Review & Repeat Client, so your public stats will show not only were you booked, but most importantly have people return and book again.

It would be nice to add some pictures showing dogs relaxed inside, such as a living room area. The current photo with the crate and 2 dog beds next to what looks like a dishwasher and stepstool doesn't create warm fuzzies. With the two large dogs standing on the area rug, it looks cramped. Adding some photos with dogs where you walk and play would also be an enhancement.

It's obvious that you're experienced with dogs. As for the years of experience, I'd suggest that it's in your best interests to only count adult years caring for dogs. 50 years could be a turn off to some, just as much as profiles of millenials who indicate every year of their life (i.e. approx. 20-30). Along those lines, it may help to add a statement or two about the time you spend with dogs because all sitters do not provide the same amount of time and attention (some have school, some work another job outside the home or at home, etc.)

In your case, I'd think you'd increase the business faster by talking with other pet owners in your community, leaving business cards at pet friendly places, and posting on social media.




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