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An ALWAYS hungry beagle...

You can't say the "D" word, yes the "D" word as in.. shhh.. dinner infront of my 13 year old beagle without her going bazerk. Despite her age, her hearing and her apetite are most definitly still there.  Anyone else's dogs act like they never get fed even after you just gave them dinner!? She a riot and so dramatic. 

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Re: An ALWAYS acting hungry dog....

At times, my dog will use his charisma to convince me and others he's starving. (Not!)

Among my creative solutions is taking out dental chew or vet prescribed supplement as calling it a treat or cookie. Sometimes using healthy veggies in moderation (like sliced baby carrots). Daily/almost daily night-time treat of canine chicken flavored dental toothpaste. And yes, sometimes he still scores more than that from me and others. He role models persistentence and determination perfectly! 

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