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Community Manager

Rover dog pics!

Hi everyone, and happy Monday!

I got to spend my weekend Rover-sitting this ADORABLE little 3-month old French Bulldog named Beaux.  How lucky am I?!  She really tuckered my own Frenchie out.  

If you have any fun client pics, please use this thread to share them!





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Re: Rover dog pics!

Before I became a pet sitter I didn't understand why people love Bull Dogs. But after taking care of a few of them it's very easy to see why. When I saw my status changed to Champ, I thought of a Bull Dog named Champ who is so much fun to have around. And I taught him how to give back massages and he's better than some of the massage therapists I have been to. :)

This is the silliest photo I've ever taken of a dog. He looks like he's saying "Oh my gosh, I can't believe it". 007.JPG

Re: Rover dog pics!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of some of the dogs I have taken care of. I love to take a photo of a dog smiling.023 (4).JPG030 (3).JPG022 (2).JPG027 (2).JPG011 (4).JPG015 (4).JPG038.JPG019.JPGcmjddi.JPG005 (2).JPG122653.1421003871.8721.jpg


Re: Rover dog pics!

He is such a crazy one! LOLIMG_9561.JPG

Dog fanatic

Re: Rover dog pics!



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