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Safe dog walks

For those of you who walk two or more dogs at a time (one who may be your own, along with a guest canine who is reactive and may only be with you a very short time*):

What tips help you with safe walks?

* especially if the guest canine is highly reactive to loud noises such as vehicles/bicyclists, dogs, humans, and squirrels and your dog walks well.

Please note: I don't mean normal startled/excited dog reaction which may include some barking & pulling.  I'm talking about a dog running off of the landscaped sidewalk and into a street whan a truck drives by... or if you have the dog in the car and a bicyclist goes by they lose control and try to launch themselves through the closed glass window.

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Re: Safe dog walks

It sounds like there are several ways you can solve this.

You could have your own front pull harness so they aren't able to gain as much control with pulling away/towards things.

For a dog that goes into the street you can either walk them alone (inconvenient) so you can keep the leash shorter and on the opposite side of the street for control. Additionally, you can get a split leash so your dog can be the left leash and the guest dog the right making it harder for them to stray, assuming your dog doesn't run into the street. 

For a dog that lunges into the window while driving it may be necessary to crate them while driving, put a short leash with seatbelt clip on so can't reach window, or to cover their head (cloth or cone) so aren't as distracted/irritated by outside world. Diving at the window is not safe for them, especially if the window breaks.

Just my possible solutions. :)