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Community Manager

Welcome to Dog Talk

The purpose of this board is to talk about all things dogs! (Our favorite topic, right?!)  Did you snap an adorable dog photo over the weekend? Please share it! Do you have a dog-related question or problem that you need advice on?  The community can help. Please remember that this is not a community of trained vet specialists, so do not replace advice that you receive from this group with advice you receive from trained professionals.  However, if there’s one community that knows and loves dogs it’s this one!

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Dog person

Re: Welcome to Dog Talk

I wanted to share picture that I got via Rodney Habib. This is helpful knowledge right now to any Rover sitters on the East Coast in order to keep pups safe!! Please share and spread the knowledge to any dog owners or sitters you may know.

Rodney Habib.jpegvia Rodney Habib

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Dog fanatic

Re: Welcome to Dog Talk

Thanks for the great information! I know that in Texas, we are having record heat and making sure that everyone is getting enough water is a priority! I bought an extra large dog fountain, and they love the flowing water. I am amazed at how much they are drinking!

Dog person

Re: Welcome to Dog Talk

Thank you so much! This is so good to know!

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