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Fast Fact: Summer bookings

Did you know... that sitters typically make about 40% of their annual income in the June, July, and August timeframe?

In order to maximize your revenue this summer, make sure that you're keeping your calendar up to date (the more days you are available, the better, as many owners are looking for multi-day stays) and consider offering boarding as a service if you aren't already!

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Re: Fast Fact: Summer bookings

I'm a reverse of the norm as a walker, where I have clients that don't work summers (teachers), and take vacations (i don't board), so my months are slower but I enjoy it when it's hot to work a bit less.     I do have a few occasional clients that I do a few weeks of drop-ins and that adds a bit of variety.   Then the next 9 months of the year my walking calendar is full.