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Community Manager

How do you prep for the summer busy season?

Summer is fast-approaching, and we all know what that means... Lots of booking requests! How do you all prep for the busy season ahead? What tips do you have to share with other sitters?

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Re: How do you prep for the summer busy season?

Being predimonately a walker, every season is a busy season for me!    But it is time to check out my summer walking gear and replace the ones worn out or I'm tired of wearing, also time to stock up on sunscreen and get a new wide brimmed hat.    I also take time to notify all of my dailies of my hot weather policy, when it's way too hot all walks are shortened and I try to stay in the shade as much as possible to keep all of us cooler. 

I haven't yet planned our summer vacation but will shortly; so once we settle on the week(s) I'll be reaching out to my Rover backups to be sure they can cover my clients during the time I am away.  Be prepared is my motto!


Re: How do you prep for the summer busy season?

Right now in the Phoenix Metro area, it is already getting hot.  While the pavement and sidewalks cool off overnight, the pups and I will go out for very early morning walks (sunrise) and short evening walks.  Once concrete/pavement stays hot and doesn't cool off enough for pups paws, we will go out at sunrise into the greenbelt and late evening.  It is right out my back gate.  I also have a "pup" pool so when it is over 110 at sunrise, pups will get paws and chests cooled off and toweled off after romps.  Even little pups that Hate water Love their paws cooled off, drizzled with a little water and towel rub down...makes them feel great.  And, like Walt said, stock up with sun block even though I try to stay out of the sun.  Pups and I do go out into the backyard every couple hours, or when needed, for potty breaks and then back inside where it is cool.


Re: How do you prep for the summer busy season?

Thanks for the info. 

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