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Community Manager
Community Manager

Meet & Greet Checklist

Does anyone have a meet and greet this weekend with a new, prospective client? If so, please come back to this thread and tell us how it went!

If you're newer to Rover, feel free to check out our Meet and Greet checklist - it has some great tips and things to think about when hosting meet and greets so that you're always prepared:

Experienced  sitters - is there anything that you would add to this checklist? 

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Top dog

Re: Meet & Greet Checklist

This checklist is good. Here are a few things I'd add:

Fecal/Stool sample exam/analysis (I consider as important as Core Vaccinations, Flea & Worm preventative)

Collar with ID tags (could be added to line for harness & fixed length leash)

Desire to take apart toys? (remove squeekers, and such because if swallowed could lead to vet visit)

Walk behaviors - do they react to anything? (skateboards, bicycles, loud vehicles, other dogs, and other people- again safety concern need to know)

Car travel behaviors (in case the possibility arises to go on a nearby outing - how do they do in the car? if nauseus, anxious, upset travelers in past, we won't)

Any helpful commands your dog knows? (Leave it, Drop it, Stay, etc.)?


Re: Meet & Greet Checklist

I have recently added "What to do in case of the Apocalypse? It gets a laugh but brings up discussions about inop cell phones (hardly any of my clients have land lines), earthquake preparation (I'm in California but there are floods, fires, tornados, etc.), what happens if client is detained or delayed coming back from trip (important when client is out of the country) and many other topics.