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Rover Partners with WoofTrax

Hey sitters! Rover is passionate about pet health and well-being. That’s why we’re partnering with Wooftrax to put on the $2,500 Steps for Pet Health Challenge. Join the challenge and you could win $2,500 for your favorite animal organization! 

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Re: Rover Partners with WoofTrax

I love the idea of the potential for my favorite rescue group to receive money from this venture.    However, I have used WoofTrax before and trying to run this app in the background along with the Rover App, will kill your phone battery in an amazingly short period of time (speaking from experience).   For that reason I'll have to pass.

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Re: Rover Partners with WoofTrax

I believe many sitters would love to participate in this. However, not all sitters either use the app' functionality  or have smart phones for walks. (GPS tracked movement is not required for dog sitters, who also walk canines they care for)

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Re: Rover Partners with WoofTrax

That would be great for cooler weather in the Phoenix area but now it's getting a bit hot by 10a.m.  Plus, I don't have a cell with internet connection...emergency only.  I will have to pass. 

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Dog fanatic

Re: Rover Partners with WoofTrax

What an easy and fun way to support a great cause!I can’t wait to share this with all of my friends and start walking! :D 

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