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A message to Rover Support

I’ve been using Rover as a sitter for a little over a year now. I’ve been busy and its been a success.

I have had a few interactions with Rover support both via email and on the phone. Mostly non-emergency issues. Small hiccups with the app, things that weren’t clear to me, questions about payments.

Rover has the best support of any company, product or service I’ve ever used. I can open a link, write up my question and usually within an hour or two a human responds with a clear answer and some personal touch such as a name and a “thank you”. When I call the support phone number even at off hours, a human picks up the phone, listens to my concerns, takes notes and helps resolve the issue before getting off the phone. Never rushing, always polite.

We are in the early days of automated “AI” support systems or often companies will point customers to the community forums to help answer questions. Rover doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to support. Dozens of times clients asked to pay me directly, that they want to get off Rover to avoid service fees etc. Part of the response I always give is about the support. Not just for the client and their dog, but for me as a caretaker.

To the woman that answered my call this morning, speaking clearly, taking notes, answering my question then saying in a happy tone “Thank you for calling Rover support”, to the Rover leadership for not cutting corners on support, to the Rover support leadership and staff for setting a high bar of what support means.

Thank you. Thank you very much and please keep up the great work.

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Re: A message to Rover Support

I agree with your post the support team has always provided great help as needed

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