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Dog fanatic

Amount of walks/drop ins per day

I think it would be really great if clients could not only choose which days they want to book walks and drop ins but also be able to select how many on one particular day. I have several clients who may leave in the morning, need an evening visit, 2 a day for the next couple days, and just an am visit the last day. But they have to submit multiple requests to get the right about of visits for the right days. I’ve noticed it really frustrates some of my clients.

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Re: Amount of walks/drop ins per day

Makes sense to me. Maybe like a chart/calendar pop-up in which visit amounts can be filled in for each day.

Dog fanatic

Re: Amount of walks/drop ins per day

I agree, so far NOT being able to do that and also not having the flexibility for say scheduling a week at a time has kept my newer walk clients from using Rover.

Dog fanatic

Re: Amount of walks/drop ins per day

I would have to say that this is on the top of my wish list for the Rover application.  The inability to specify times of visits on a given day is a limitation I run into frequently, and causes extra work on my part and frustration on the clients' part.  It adversely affects the billing process and creates un-editable full day events in my Google calendar when synced.  These then have to be re-input into the Google calendar as meetings with times specified.

Please, Rover dev team, make robust calendaring a top priority item in your development cycle!