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Badges on Rover Profile

I was hoping to earn more badges for my rover profile. I want to help my Rover profile look more attractive to potential clients. How do you achieve more badges for your profile? Right now I have RoverGo, Rover 101 and background check completed.



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Top dog

Re: Badges on Rover Profile

It might be nice to have more badges available but unfortunately, there are only a few:


Re: Badges on Rover Profile

The badge system and psychology behind them is confusing to me. I don't think they have real meaning, at least not yet. 

Background check- I thought we all had to do this to get on Rover? I think I payed money for another one... then got a badge? 
Rover 101- I think passing that should be a minimum for booking clients on the service. 
RoverGo-  This program is really confusing and seems like a way for Rover to take a larger cut. Is there a way to help new sitters without taking more of their money? 
I think Rover might want to spend some more time thinking about badges and having sitters pay for them. Perhaps there's some different ways to "reward" sitters by performance on the service and pick the top things customers would care about. Roll them out in groups of 5 well thought out badges. They can do better here. 
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