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I miss seeing the bookings name and their days when I look at my calendar. When it used to be DogVacay your calendar showed you the dogs names and days, so you knew how many you had on the day without searching. If I have a new client or know the dog doesn’t play well with others, I close those calendar days for other clients. 

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Dog fanatic

Re: Calendar

I've been with Rover from the get go and my phone calendar is synced with Rover to do just what your wanting. I admit it would be cool if the Rover calendar did that as well. Do you have the app on your phone so can do that? 


Re: Calendar

 That’s one of the things I miss  The most! The calendar I think Rover‘s is bare minimum. And yes it’s cool that you can sync it to Google but that’s just another step in my opinion 

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Top dog

Re: Calendar

The Rover calendar is missing the mark by a long shot!   Sure you can sync to other programs Google or iCal but as others have mentioned it requires extra steps.   I also take additional steps by syncing to Outlook so I can manage and schedule my daily walks, this is sync'd to my iPhone.   An improved calendar is just one more feature the community has been requesting for several years and rumor had it in the fall last year a calender update was in the works?