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Chronological order

Is it possible to please fix the app on Android to show the upcoming stays in chronological order?

Currently it shows by the date that they first messaged you! It would more logical to sort according to the date of when the stay actually starts.

It has been that way for over a year since I started in May of 2016. I would appreciate that being fixed on Android. Many of my friends are sitters and they say it's not a problem on Apple and I notice it's correct on website. When I email support they say it's working properly.......

It's fine if you only have one or two stays upcoming but not when there are multiple. I live in constant fear that I'll forget one. It's not fair that I'm being punished for having an Android. I can't afford an iPhone. 

This is what my inbox looked like in March:
March 7-8, March 3-10, March 21-25, April 22-24, March 29- April 3, March 14- 18..... I couldn't fit the picture in one screenshot but no, they are *not* in order.
*If* they were in correct order it would be: 
March 3-10, March 7-8, March 14-18, March 21- 25, March 29- April 3, April 22-24 
This isn't even adding a feature, it's just fixing a current feature to include another phone brand. 


Thank you very much.


I apologize if this double posts20180322_071211.png




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Re: Chronological order

Great idea!!!!