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Dog Size Requirements Shown on Profile Header

My wife and I live in a small apartment in LA.  We have limited space indoors and must walk all dogs several times daily.

Our experience is smaller dogs work best.  And 25 lbs is max size we can handle (easier to step over small dogs than walk around them in tighter quarters).  

We have made highlighted notes on our page that we can only accept up to 25 lbs.  We don’t want to lose business on those between 16 to 25 lbs, and the only option to display is 16-40 lbs.

We then have to turn away dogs between 26 - 40 lbs as most clients don’t have time to read or simply miss the detail in reading our profile.  Of course this negatively effects our booking rate and we have to reject a client who then must continue a search.  

Wouldn’t it be great if we could adjust the dog size and weight accepted, to a custom fit?

Thank you Rover for the opportunity. 🐾

Break a Leg is Hollywood for good luck folks 🍀🤙😎






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Re: Dog Size Requirements Shown on Profile Header

Agreed. Or Alteratively, change the weight classification from 0-15 / 16-40 to 0-25 / 26-50/ 51-100/101+. Usually, in other places referring to size,  I've seen the range for a small dog goes up to 25 lbs.

Originally, my profile was set up to 40 when 20 or 25 lbs. was my max. Currently, it reflects only 0-15 lbs.


Re: Dog Size Requirements Shown on Profile Header

Agree!!! Dog size requirements need to be broken down further. Even though we have our weight requirement on the listing header, guests with larger dogs still contact us & we have to turn them away which is a negative for our listing, even though we have it posted. 


Re: Dog Size Requirements Shown on Profile Header

I also agree there should be more weight categories.  I do require a meet & greet but sometimes take dogs for day care and stay from customer that arrive from out of town.  Recently, an out of town owners' dog profile said his dog is a Boston Terrier.  When he came with his dog, it was Not a Boston Terrier..lab/pit mix, way over the 40lb weight limit.  The dog was very sweet but I had to keep her separate from the small dogs as some are terrified of large dogs and become aggressive towards the big dog.

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