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Feature request - Video support in IOS app

Video snippets are a great way to update your client. Can you please add support for video messages? I’ve sent hundreds of videos to clients and they say its much different than a still shot.


Scenario A

You are sitting a great dog

At bedtime you snap a photo and send to the client

Client is happy


Scenario B

You are sitting a great dog

At bedtime you film a short video saying goodnight and the dog had a great day- show the dogs face in good lighting, show the tail wagging for extra joy.

Client says “oh my goodness check this out!” Shows the video to other people, talks about how great Rover is, gives you a 5-star rating.

Video snippets are important, should be prioritized high and everyone wins. Cap at 10 seconds, delete after the stay, do what you need to do but the capability should be there.

PS- Your sitter team can learn a lot from video content. 

Thanks for listening

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Re: Feature request - Video support in IOS app

The capability to send video's shorter than 15 seconds can already be sent to clients via the App or text.

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Re: Feature request -Video support in IOS app


wow cool! this could be new or maybe my app version was out of date. Thanks for this, it’s a game changer for me!


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