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Filtering Dogs that aren't cat friendly

I recently had a cat move in and updated my profile to reflect this. However, I continue to receive requests to board dogs that are not cat friendly. I have had two owners reply that they didn't realize their profile stated the dog didn't like cats, but that cats are actually fine. However, for the most part, I'm spending time each week having to turn people down. 

I have updated my introduction to clearly state I have a cat and am hoping this will help. Unfortunately, my booking rating has now dropped since I can't accept most client requests. Is there a way to either 1) not have me show up in searches for dogs that aren't good with cats or 2) have an alert pop up when one of these owners selects me to tell them that they may want to review their profile or select someone else due to the cat?


Thank you!

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Re: Filtering Dogs that aren't cat friendly

It would be nice if there was a filter on the search page to check for NO CATS, but unfortunately, there isn't one or if the dog profile would filter out when they check the not good with cats button?   We can hope this feature is added in the future  

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