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Holiday pricing difference

I’m hoping I could get some feedback on a booking situation coming up over Labor Day weekend. I have a client who has two dogs and I do have my profile set up to override my standard rate during a booking during a holiday. She has selected for me to do a drop in visit for her pets, which I have as $10 for regular rate and $15 for holiday. Dog 1 is showing as 8 visits @ $10/visit and Dog 2 as 8 visits @ $15/visit. Neither are puppies. Could someone advise why there is a difference in pricing for the pets when they’re both being visited at the exact same time but only Dog 2 is being charged the holiday rate?





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Re: Holiday pricing difference

Hi Lindsey, only one dog on a booking is charged the holiday rate any additional dogs would be charged the standard rate, unless you had an additional dog rate set. If you want to charge the holiday rate for both dogs you would need to manually adjust the rates after the booking was created.