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Repeat Customer Setting

I no longer wanted a public profile as my current customers keep me busy enough so I have set my profile to repeat only.  I do get referrals or requests from neighbors/friends and I thought despite my profile set to repeat that if I gave someone my full url from Rover that they would be able to get to my profile and request a stay.  They can get to my profile but cannot create a request for a stay.  I then have to go in and make my profile public so they can request a stay.  I have to coordinate with them because I do not want my profile to be out there in the public view long.  Am I doing something wrong with my settings or is it possible to program a solution?

Fairy Dog Mother
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Re: Repeat Customer Setting

 I run into this issue with Daycare.  I only take repeats due to high volume of clients.  Occasionally I get referals for daycare and have to do the same, go into settings and open it up and then change it back to repeats only.