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Rover Match

Does anyone know exactly how Rover Match works? I’ve had some difficulty finding out very much about it. Any information would be appreciated :) Thanks y’all! 

Allie and The Bear Bear Dog
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Re: Rover Match

Yeah I'd be interest to know how it works too.  I assume each case is assigned to an employee who looks for available sitters around the owner.  It would be nice to know how they pick sitters to contact. That way we could work to get more references :cattongue:


Re: Rover Match

Hi! For a little more info, if a pet parent contacts Rover Support for assistance in finding a sitter, we will find out what the pet parent is looking for in a sitter and do the search and send requests on behalf of the owner. Most often it comes up when the pet(s) have special needs or requirements like injected medication, senior dog care, separation anxiety, etc.. When searching for sitters, agents will look at the information and abilities included on the profile, to make sure the sitters being contacted are a good fit for the request. I hope this helps!