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Suggestions to make the Home tab on Rover app more useful

The new home feature on the Rover app is a great way to see at a glance what sitter commitments you have for the day. Thanks for adding this.

Here are a couple things I think of when using the home feature (Iphone)

  • Notes- I want to the ability to add notes on the home page for each dog. There’s key information like time for pick up/drop off and things like notes for that stay such as dietary or training requirements.
  • Client contacting –  I will have  communication with the client the day of the stay. When clicking on the dogs name it takes you to the details page. This is ok there is still no way to communicate with the client.

As a Rover sitter using primarily the Phone application, when looking at the home page, at a glance I want to see the pickup and drop times, be able to click to add more notes, and have the option to communicate via message or call with the client.

See my dog sitter art below. Thanks for reading



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Re: Suggestions to make the Home tab on Rover app more useful

You continue to make good suggestions but you know that no one from Rover HQ visits this forum any longer don't you?