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Tracker Tags as a Safety Precaution

Although we all do our best due dilligence to keep the dogs that we provide service for safe, there is always the possibility for an unforseen emergency that happens, and then the worst case scenario has happened:  a dog in our care is lost.

This could happen from an emergency such as a fire, a car accident, some other unforeseen incident that happens while walking a dog, or some other mistake.

Tags with contact information are great, and a crucially important identifying tool that all dogs should have on. But in those minutes, hours or days that no one is quite sure where that dog is, everyone is very stressed and feeling rather helpless.

I have read just recently about the service (I believe it's called) WAGS, where a dog walker in New York had some kind of incident, where the dog that they were walking somehow got out of the harness that it had on, and took off.  And to my knowledge, the dog is still missing as I write this :-(

That scenario is like a worst nightmare.

However, if the dogs in our care, ALL had on a temporary TRACKER TAG, that is clipped on for the whole time that the dog is in our care, (and taken off when the dog is returned to its owner), then if the unexpected happens, and a sitter finds him/herself in that worse case scenario of utter panic that a dog got away, ... then that sitter would be able to go to an app on their phone and with the tracker, SEE EXACTLY WHERE THAT DOG IS... immediately.  And go and safely retrieve the dog, likely within minutes. Saving both the sitter and the owner a lot of worry, and possibly even saving the dog's life.

I am SURE that owners would be thrilled with this safety feature and feel even more secure with leaving their dogs with Rover service providers.

So, Rover Support,... I propose and suggest, that perhaps Rover could look into the possibility of offering sitters the option to purchase TRACKER TAGS, at a discounted rate, (because Rover would be buying them and offering them in bulk.)
Buying such tags on our own, as sitters or walkers, is really quite cost prohibitive.

Because I will tell you, as a dog owner myself, no one wants to go through those hours or days or worse, of not knowing where the dog is... and hoping and praying that by grace, the dog shows up somewhere safe and unharmed.

A tracker tag would solve that instantly.

Please seriously consider my suggestion.

Thoughts from my fellow dog sitters & walkers ???

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Re: Tracker Tags as a Safety Precaution

Great idea! I've looked into these before and the GPS tracking devices (there's at least a few to choose from) available can be quite costly when you only want to buy one or two. Some require monthly subscriptions and battery maintenance too.

I'd propose that Rover could also recoup the purchase investment by enabling this to be an add-on to bookings, the same way pet parents can add Premium Insurance, by offering this and if the pet parent agrees, then send it to the sitter (perhaps with a pre-paid return label to ship back after the stay ends).

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Re: Tracker Tags as a Safety Precaution






IMG_2558.JPGsafety tagGone for a year now was the Rover Protection Package which the sitter paid for and it provided safety tags, not GPS tracked, but they were a way to tag the dogs in your care, custody, and control

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Re: Tracker Tags as a Safety Precaution

Great idea!! I want in. I have looked into buying a few as well just procastinating due to the expense. But would definitely go for pay per use or add on option.

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