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What to do if you feel an owner is neglectful?

So this may be on me for not noticing right away, but I set up and meet and greet with a client and their multiple dogs. When I went to pet one I noticed his fur was severely matted in the back but agreed to the sitting anyways. I’m here now and not only is he still matted but the other dogs are pretty matted as well with serverly overgrown nails. I do not think they have ever been groomed. The house reeks of urine and the dogs seem to have almost no formal potty training to speak of. I worry the owners are not taking good care of these animals, what should I do? 

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Re: What to do if you feel an owner is neglectful?

I would tread lightly on this matter, you could report them to animal control but proving abuse is difficult and would put you and your business at risk.   Weigh your options before proceeding.

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Re: What to do if you feel an owner is neglectful?

Like Walt suggested, I'd advise you proceed with caution. I've found that with some breeds, their fur needs about 30 minutes of daily brushing and combing in order to avoid matting. I've known loving dog parents that do not keep up the optimal level of maintenance for their dog not due to a lack of love or caring but because they can't due to circumstances that are largely out of their control (sometimes it's a drastic physical change of life limitation, other times financial combined with personal living situation setbacks)...and yet they couldn't bear to part with their dogs, so they do the best they can. Since they hired you to care for their dogs, that shows they care about them. I sense you want the best outcome for the dogs. If so, approach this matter the kindest way possible. If you're experienced with nail trimming, when the owners return, you could offer to show them how you do it. You might also comment that their breeds' fur is so time consuming to maintain that you know some people have their groomer shave it short to make maintaining it easier, as many people don't have time to comb thoroughly daily.

I wouldn't recommend reporting this to animal control.