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how to contact Rover?

Im concerned over the 20-30% fees ive recieved as a sitter and have not found a way to get human contact with a Rover representative.  My emails go unreplied and the other contact pages seems to be looped.

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Re: how to contact Rover?

Every booking through Rover provides the number to trust and safety ...and the outgoing message allows callers to re-direct to general questions help lines, not related to trust & safety. Also, the bottom of posts customer support number that sitters can also use to contact them (888-453-7889).

Depending upon when you joined and what service you provided, Rover retains 15-25% of the booked total amount as a fee. This links to those details:


Re: how to contact Rover?

In this era of electronic communication, talking to a "real, live" person seems to actually put people off.  Not sure why!  Especially with Rover, they are VERY responsive to phone calls.  I have their Customer Support number (888-453-7889) stored in my phone's contacts.  For the occasions I've needed them, I've always been able to speak with someone.

Emails--different story.

And, if it makes you happy, send them an email as well   ;)