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the post send card is not showing up

Hi rover team 

I have an booking today but I can’t find the post send card because I looked online and it said that I need to look on the rover app and click on today but it only says have an amazing day and won’t show the post send card that all 

So please help me 

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Re: the post send card is

Hi, I'm sorry for any frustrations or confusion.  I'm not sure what this issue might be, but our support team may be the quickest option to talk you through any technical problems you might be experiencing and trouble-shooting to get your cards sent.  Can you give us a call at 888-453-7889

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Top dog

Re: the post send card is not showing up

Rover cards are only availalble for the walking, drop-in, and doggie day care services.  If your booking is for boarding you won't find a card/event to start

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