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Dog fanatic

Dog and Cat Lover Alike

Hello All,

Got a couple of questions to start out with..

Tried to go to welcome board and don't see where you can actually post??

Had initial problems signing in, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't??

Is there no other areas than CO or WA? I am in Georgia and have seen other sitters in my area (per their profiles). 

How can I connect with others in my area?


Hope everyone is well and I am looking forward to getting this business of the ground.





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Re: Dog and Cat Lover Alike

Welcome to Rover, it is unfortunate, but this community forum isn't visited by the sitters that often.   To address your question about connecting with other local sitters, I would turn to Facebook to find that level of camaraderie 

Try these two groups: Sitter to Sitter Referrals Sitters Group