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5 Ways for Pet Sitters to Show Their Love for Dogs

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Community Manager
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Hey Rover sitters! We’ve rounded up five simple and successful ways to share your love with dogs this month. Check ’em out!

1. Set your Rover calendar for Valentine’s day and President’s Day

With the long weekend coming up, many pet parents are heading out of town. Make sure your calendar is up to date for February 14th through February 17th.

2. Have fun with your favorite Rover dogs

Send some Valentine’s Day-themed photos to pet parents this month! Many apps can create cute, heart-filled frames. You could get creative with construction paper hearts in your photos or send the dog home with a special valentine. Most importantly, keep the dogs safe and sound so they can go home to extra cuddles—use the safety tips in our sitter handbook.

3. Contribute a portion of your funds to your favorite shelter or rescue organization

Did you know you can donate a percentage of your pet-sitting funds to one of our Sit-a-Dog, Save-a-Lifepartners? You choose the organization and percentage to donate. Help improve the lives of shelter dogs as you care for your clients’ dogs.

4. Bake some homemade dog treats for your favorite furry friend

Want to give your favorite dog an extra special treat this month? Why not make your own! You can make frozen treats or create an entire diet. Before you make any special treats for Rover dogs, be sure to check with their parents about potential allergies.

5. Show a shy dog some love

If you know or meet a timid dog, you can make the dog more comfortable with these tips:

  • To tell if a dog is feeling nervous, look for a mix of calming signals like lip licking, yawning, looking away, and sniffing the ground.
  • To greet a dog that’s feeling shy, turn your body sideways to them. Kneel down and keep your back straight to show you’re friendly and calm.
  • If you hold out a hand, they will usually come sniff it. Then you can see if the dog would like some scratches on his chest or sides, without reaching over his head.

With patience and treats, you can make even timid dogs feel the love on Valentine’s Day.