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Discounts: Should You Offer Them, and How?

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Offering a discount to your clients is a great way to create a lasting business and gain repeat clients. Owners love booking with the same sitter, as it fosters a great relationship between both owner and sitter as well as dog and sitter! In this article, Rover’s team of experts will share some tips and tricks on whether or not you should offer a discount and how.

When Should I Offer A Discount?

Knowing when to offer a discount can be tricky. As sitters handling your own rate and business, we know how important it is to set a rate that is competitive and still offer enough so that you can have a successful business. Offering a discount is a great way to bridge this gap. Presenting a discount prior to a stay to a potential client or as an incentive to a past client are two of the most common times a discount is offered.

Try offering a past client $5 off their next stay or give a client who is clearly shopping for offers a percentage discount. $5 is a great place to start, but it might make a bigger impact if you offer more. You can also provide a discount per night or a total amount for a full stay. One great way to give a discount is to offer an entire day free. This is typical for longer overnight stays and stays with multiple walks or drop-ins. If you have an extended stay, consider having an extended stay discount!

Discounts can entice clients to rebook with you again and again and can help you stand out in the Rover search tool!

How Should I Communicate A Discount to an Owner?

Communicating to a client about your discount options can be easy and fun! Here are a few templates to send to your clients:

  1. If you’re offering a discount to a new client: “Hi [CLIENT NAME], I would love to watch [PET NAME]. Since you’re a new client, I’d love to offer you [AMOUNT] off the total cost of the stay!
  2. If you’re offering a full day discount to a new client: “Hi [CLIENT NAME], I would love to watch [PET NAME]. Since you’re a new client, I’d love to offer you [AMOUNT] off each day you stay with me!
  3. If you’re offering a discount to a new client who is shopping around a lot of sitters for care: “Hi [CLIENT NAME], I would love to watch [PET NAME]. I know you have a lot of wonderful sitter options through Rover, but I’d love to be the one to care for your furry pal. Since you’re a new client, I’d love to offer you [AMOUNT] off everyday of this stay!
  4. If you’re offering a discount to a past client: “Hi [CLIENT NAME], I had the best time watching [PET NAME]. We had so much fun and I especially loved [FUN DETAIL ABOUT THE STAY]. I’d love to watch [PET NAME] again soon so I’d love to extend to you [DISCOUNT AMOUNT] for your next stay with me! Have a great day!


Questions about how to add a discount to the cost of a stay? Check out our article that details how to adjust the price of a stay.

Experienced sitters, do you currently offer discounts? If so, what discounts do you offer and how do you use them? Let us know in the comments!

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Top dog
Rather than offering a cost adjustment, I prefer to offer more flexibility in services to long term repeats whose dogs I regularly care for (I would not offer a new client or someone price shopping). Examples are: free pick up and/or drop off (depending on schedule availability), more flexibility regarding stays past 24 hour mark (reduced or no additional charge for the day care overage), authorizing full refunds when bookings rescheduled at last minute due to their error (despite strict cancellation policy), and light grooming (free pawdicure, brushing, bath). Free small gift appropriate to the dog is also a nice touch (hair accesories for those who wear 'em to keep tufts of hair out of eyes, balls for ball playing dogs, soft fluffy toys for dogs who prefer those, etc.)