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How To Show Up In Search When You're Just Starting Out

Rover employee
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First, select a recent profile photo that clearly shows your face (try to pick one without sunglasses).  Then be sure to upload five to ten photos that showcase to owners how you interact with dogs. The more photos you have, the better potential clients can get a picture of who you are!


Before you get any reviews, testimonials act as character references so owners can learn more about how you care for dogs. Testimonials can be from past clients, friends, or family members--anyone who can attest to your responsibility and experience with dogs! Getting three or more testimonials will help you stand out in search.

Sitter Success Quiz

The Sitter Success quiz is a great way to showcase your dog knowledge and once it’s complete you get a badge to display on your profile! Badges indicate to owners that you’ve gone above and beyond. Take the quiz here.

Adjust Your Preferences

To ensure that you attract the kind of clients you want, be sure to adjust your preferences (check out the dog preferences tab). There, you can select what characteristics you would like your dog clients to have like their age, size, whether they are spayed or neutered, and more. By selecting all of the preferences that apply to you, you’ll show up in relevant searches and meet more clients.

Update Calendar Daily

You want to accurately display your availability, and it’s easy to do with your Rover calendar. Update your calendar daily to let owners know if you’re available to sit their pet. If you’re aware of your availability for the next two weeks and you’d like your profile to be highlighted in search take a look at your Rover Dashboard. At the top of the page, there’s a box that says “Your Availability for the next 2 weeks”, it’s an easy way to confirm your availability and have more owners take a look at your profile!

Response Time

When owners reach out to you, the best way to stay high in search results is to respond quickly. Even if you can’t accommodate a booking, letting an owner know right away keeps your standing high.

Sometimes it’s hard to start out, but by following these tips, you’ll be meeting clients in no time!

Dog fanatic

 When you get your first request do a great job go above and beyond communicate and send pictures to the pet parent. They love this they like seeing how their dog is doing. They miss their pet and these little updates warm their heart.  After you’ve completed your first service ask the parents if they thought you did a good job asked them for any feedback where you might improve.  They’re probably going to say something like you did a great job we are really pleased. This is when you strike say if you’re really happy with the service I provided you please consider leaving me a review on Rover it really helps a lot.  I make sure to write a thank you card to all of my clients no matter how many times they have booked with me thanking them for their business and ultimately their trust in me after all they’re leaving their best friend with me.  Occasionally I will even offer them a small gift especially if I am housesitting I will leave a treat for the Pat and perhaps a flower or two along with a thank you card or some small inexpensive gift that shows my gratitude the pet owners love this and I have received many comments that in all the years people have been booking Petsitter‘s that they’ve never gotten a thank you card or a small gift back it really makes an impression.  What this all boils down to is if you get a lot a five star reviews it really makes you look like a great sitter and more and more people will want to book with you One of the most popular comments I get when I get requests as they saw my reviews and were impressed that they were all five star reviews ultimately pleasing your clients will have them coming back over and over again they will tell their friends about you and you will have more puppies then you know what to do with. 

Dog fanatic

Love this....very informative and helpful.

Thank you!

Dog person

Thanks for the tips on sitting!  I will try these tips on giving a gift and a thank you card when I get started sitting.  This should be very helpful to gain clients!