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How to Keep Your Client Relationships Professional

Rover employee
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It’s a Business

From the minute you get that first message, it’s best to conduct yourself in a professional manner. Remember, your Rover messages are part of the first impression an owner has of you, and the more professional you are the more likely they are to book. Respond promptly, use full sentences, and ask questions.


The Owner Knows Best

Your clients are looking for someone to care for their pets just like they do, so be sure to set expectations prior to the stay. Being a good listener and following directions are a key part of being a successful pet sitter. Every stay is unique, so the better you are at adhering to instructions, whether it’s routine, how each dog is handled, or how the owner wants to be contacted, the more likely you are to build a repeat client relationship.


Keep things Professional

We understand, it’s tempting to try and become friends with your clients. After all, you both love dogs! But while it’s easy to try and become familiar with your human clients, it’s better to err on the side of professionalism and keep your relationship all business.


By following these three tips you’ll earn a reputation of not only being a great dog person, but a great people person as well.