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How to Make More Money: Part 1

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As much as sitters on Rover love hanging out with furry pals, an important aspect of your business is the money associated with each stay. A lot of sitters use Rover as a full-time source of income, or as a way to help with the costs associated with life. These are the main parts of your Rover account you should focus on to help you make more money.

Set Your Rate

We showed you how to set your price on Rover, but this is the most important element if you think you’d like to make more money. Start by checking the average price in your area. If you are a well-established sitter with more than 15 five star reviews and you are still priced lower than the average in your area, consider increasing your rate to be comparable to the sitters around you. While it’s still important to be competitive, making sure you’re not priced too low will ensure you make more money.

You can still earn money, while honoring your normal rate for past clients but letting all your repeat clients know that you’ll be changing your rate, but will honor their original stay rate. That way, as you become more successful, you make more money with new clients and keep your repeat clients happy!

PRO TIP: It sounds silly, but if you price your services off the 0 or 5 (think $29 rather than $30), it can help your profile pop.

Remember to Set EVERY Rate Option on your Profile

In addition to the base rate you set for each of the services you offer on Rover, there are countless other rates specific to dates, dog age, and more that you can adjust to make sure you are taking full advantage of your rate options.

Go to your profile and click the ‘rates’ option under ‘Services/Rates’ For every active service, you will see an ‘additional rates’ plus sign that indicates there are more rate settings you should check out!

If you’re offering dog boarding, click ‘additional rates’ and you’ll see countless options to customize for your business. Here’s where you can adjust your Holiday rate to be much higher than your regular rate. Holidays are one of the most popular times for care on Rover, so owners are willing to spend a bit more to have quality care for their pooch. You can also set an additional dog rate, extended stay rate, puppy rate (this is typically higher as well), bathing and grooming rate, cat care rate, and drop/off pick up rate!


 Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 12.14.18 PM.png

PRO TIP: The Holiday rate, puppy rate, cat care rate, additional dog rate, and extended stay rate automatically supersede your normal nightly rate. If you have your holiday rate at a lower price point, as compared to your normal nightly rate, the stay will actually make you less money.

For more tips on how to make more money on Rover, check out part 2 of this article, coming out later this week!

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