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How to Make Owners Feel at Ease

Rover employee
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Ask Questions

Pet parents love giving as many details as possible about their furry friend. In your initial message, at the Meet & Greet, and at drop off, take the opportunity to ask them any and all things you’re wondering about their dog. Besides all of the logistics questions, be sure to ask about Fido’s personality, history, and unique habits.


Send Updates

Updating the owner while they’re away via text and photos (sent through the Rover app) is a great way to show them what a great time you’re both having. Make sure the updates are unique, and send photos of your canine client doing different activities throughout the stay. Reminder: Each situation is unique and while most owners love photo updates, some prefer a more hands off stay, be sure to ask at the Meet & Greet how often owners would like to be updated.


Talk About Your Experience

Pet owners want to get to know you and how you came to be a pet sitter. During your messages, and at the Meet & Greet, give them a brief overview of your history with dogs and why you decided to become a pet sitter in the first place. If you have any unique or professional experience, be sure to highlight that as well.


Provide References

Your Rover Profile is full of glowing testimonials, but you can take it one step further by providing your new clients with references from your repeat clients (with permission of course). If an owner seems especially nervous, getting them personally in touch with someone who can attest to your skills and experience is a great way to help them feel complete confidence in you.


By taking extra time to help owners feel at ease, you’re going above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. Being thoughtful at the beginning of your relationship with them will help it grow and endure.

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