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How to Make Your Profile Shine

Community Manager
Community Manager
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You know you love dogs, but how are you going to communicate that to potential clients before they have a chance to speak with you? These tips will make your Rover profile shine—and stand out from the rest.

Choosing the Right Photos

First impressions are important, and the first thing owners look at on your Rover profile are your pictures. When choosing photos for your profile, remember to:

  • Choose clear and crisp photos. High quality photos make your profile look more professional.
  • Give them a sense of the real you. Do you have great photos from a recent hike or walk on the beach? If these are activities that a dog could participate in, the better.
  • Bring a furry friend. Photos with a dog instantly make your profile more attractive to potential clients.
  • Make your cover photo different than your profile photo.
  • Smile. Think about all the dogs you’re going to meet!

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Describing Yourself

Your biography section is a great place to tell your clients about yourself. They want to get to know you, and a thorough biography can take your profile to the next level. When writing about yourself, be sure to:

  • Write about your dog experience. Did you grow up with dogs? Have you volunteered at a shelter? Are you a fantastic foster parent? All of these details add up to a great profile.
  • Explain what you’ll do with a dog. Whether it’s nonstop frisbee, going on a long walk or sunbathing together in the yard, pet parents want to imagine what their dog’s day will be like with you.
  • Be clear about why you’re the best choice. We know it can feel strange to do this, but your profile is a great chance to brag about yourself.
  • Go above and beyond. Do you make homemade dog treats for your canine clients? Is each stay customized to a dog’s every need? What do you do for dogs that other sitters won’t?

Filling in All the Details

Tell pet parents about your dog sitting preferences ahead of time by carefully filling out your profile. You want potential clients to have the most accurate information about you, so ensure that:

  • Your size preferences are filled out. Do you only sit pocket-sized pups? Or can you watch any dog, from the very small to the extra-large? 
  • Your calendar is up to date. To make sure that owners are reaching out to you at the right time, mark off any dates that are unavailable.  
  • You note whether you can take care of other animals. Sometimes clients have cats or caged pets that may also need care. Be sure to mention other pets you have experience with.

By using these tips, your profile will stand out from the crowd and draw in more clients. 

Author: Arah McManamna,