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How to Promote Your Rover Business on Social Media

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Community Manager
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Promoting your Rover profile on social media is a great way to earn new business—without even leaving the house.

New to Rover? Social media can help you land your first clients. For more seasoned pet sitters, promoting yourself online can help you fill the gaps in your calendar. The best part: social media makes it possible to connect with your existing network of friends and family while also getting your name out into your community.

Tips for promoting yourself on social media:

  1. Use hashtags to help pet owners discover you.

Hashtags can connect you to people in your community. By using them, dog owners browsing local hashtags can find your posts and learn about the services you offer. Get started by trying out the three hashtag ideas below:

City-specific hashtags. For example, if you’re located in Seattle try #SeattleDogs and #SeattleSitter when posting photos or updates about your business.

Service-specific hashtags. In addition to city-specific hashtags, add in tags that highlight the services you offer, like #DogSitter or #DogSitting. This will also help people who don’t already follow you discover your posts.

Rover-specific hashtags. Telling people you’re on Rover gives many pet parents peace of mind. Use hashtags like #RoverDotCom #RoverSitterPic and #TheDogPeople. Bonus: Using these hashtags also allows Rover to see your posts on Instagram. You never know—one of your posts could be featured on Rover’s official Instagram account!

  1. Take advantage of the ‘stories’ feature on Instagram and Facebook.

Going to the dog park with a Rover dog? Teaching your Rover dog a new trick? Spot a dog sleeping in a hilarious position? Add these moments to your stories to better engage with your followers and offer insights into how you run your business.

Since stories are only viewable for a limited time, they have the added bonus of making your followers feel like they’re getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at your life and business.

  1. Add your Rover profile URL to your Instagram bio.

Now that you’ve reeled in followers interested in your pet care business, make it easy for them to book with you by adding a direct link to your Rover profile in your Instagram bio. Not sure what your Rover profile URL is? Go here:

Social media can be a powerful tool for your Rover business and a great way to engage with your current client base. No matter what, don’t forget to have fun with social media and share those authentic pet sitter moments that show dog owners how much you care.


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 I totally agree with this article. I have gotten many clients through Facebook. It is easy to set up a Book It Now button, which brings them right to your page. Thanks for the other information too!!