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How to Set up your Profile: Description & Headline

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So you’ve uploaded some great photos to your Rover account and now it’s time to fill out your profile description. This is where you can really elaborate about what makes you a good dog sitter and highlight all the things that make you unique!

First Up: Click some boxes

It’s time to answer some questions about your home, pets, and your dog-sitting style. Just click the boxes that best apply to you and make sure to be honest so that owners can get a great sense of who will be caring for their pup.

Craft a catchy headline

One of the first things an owner sees when searching for a pet sitter on Rover is their headline. Your headline appears below your name and provides a bit more information to the owner. Often times, the headline is what makes an owner decide to click on your profile to learn more. Highlight if you work from home, have a fenced-in yard, are a vet tech, or anything else that makes you stand out.  

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Next Up: Share more about your pet-care experience

Your profile description is meant to help pet owners get to know you a little better, so it’s important to share details about what makes you a dog person! In your ‘About Me’ section, share details about your pet care experience, availability, and special skills. Share one to three paragraphs about your skills. Talk about all the extras you offer, your schedule, safety precautions you’ll take, your experience with dogs, and what makes you unique!

PRO TIP: Some owners tend to skim profiles, so include all of the most important information about your pet sitting business in the first paragraph of your written description. Think back to high school and craft yourself an intro paragraph with a catchy “topic sentence”. Like your headline, here’s where you state that you work from home, have a fenced-in yard, are a vet tech, or anything else that makes you stand out.

Share additional information

Once you complete ‘About Me’ section, scroll down and click the button that says ‘+ Show Additional Profile Details (optional)’.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 1.51.20 PM.png

Even though it’s optional to answer these questions, having more information for owners will only help your profile stand out. These two questions will cover the activities a dog will enjoy on a stay with you and what you like to learn about a pup before sitting him or her. You’ll also get to include your breed preferences or restrictions, which is especially important if you live in an apartment or home that has certain breed or size restraints.

REMEMBER: If you qualify for on-demand dog walking, you’ll write a small blurb for your walking-specific profile. When owners are matched with you as a walker, they’ll see this blurb and your reviews and testimonials. Remember - this is different than your regular profile and should highlight what makes you a good dog-walker!