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How to Set your Price on Rover

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You’ve passed your background check, uploaded great photos, and written an awesome profile and now your Rover profile is ready for business. But how do you set competitive rates? The Rover team has a few tips to help you determine what works best for your business.

Check The Average Price in Your Area

When you get started, it’s helpful to take a look at what your neighbors are charging by searching for sitters on the site. It’s important to set a rate that doesn’t break the owner’s bank, so looking at the average rate can help you determine your own. For example, if you are charging $100 a night, while everyone around you is charging $40 a night, you should consider adjusting your rates so owners will reach out to you, too!

That being said, sitters with more reviews and repeat clients often price themselves higher, so take that into consideration as you set your own rates. It sounds silly, but if you price your services off the 0 or 5 (think $29 rather than $30), it can help your profile pop.

Pro Tip: Check out Yelp, independent dog boarding businesses, and kennels to see what they charge. Pricing yourself lower than these businesses, while boasting an at-home experience for visiting pups, can help you stand out to dog owners.

Set Yourself Up For Success (and More Earnings)

As your business grows, make sure your rates grow with it! If you’re a sitter with more reviews, repeat clients, and a high booking rate, adjusting your rates to match that success can help you earn more money.

Price yourself competitively, but with your success, you now have the freedom to increase your rates to match. To keep your repeat clients happy, let them know up front that you’re changing your prices and consider booking them at your original rate so you can continue to foster a good working relationship.

You’re in control

Remember, you have the ability to adjust your rates at any time, and provide specific rates for special circumstances! Head to your profile, click on rates, and explore! If you click the ‘additional rates’ button, you can add a puppy rate, holiday rate, extended stay rate, and more! Sitters on the site often charge more for puppies and on holidays (because of the high demand) and a little less for things like extended stays or drop-off and pick-up!

Dog fanatic

I am only on my 4th boarder, who comes tomorrow.  People around me charge $30 or more.  How long do you suggest, or after how many clients should I wait to up my price from $25 to $30? I only board in my home and I only take one dog at a time.  I have two of my own dogs and I don’t think taking more than one at a time is fair to mine or my client’s dog.


Hi Ellen. Great question! A good time to up your price would be when you have around 10 five star reviews posted to your profile or have a couple of repeat clients. Because you offer only one dog per night, that's also a great benefit to some owners, so upping your price earlier than that isn't unreasonable. Remember - reviews lump in with testimonials so the more of those you have, the more your rating count will rise! 

Dog fanatic

Hi emperry, that’s great advice.  I have my fourth boarder today, a four month old Boxer puppy.  Loving it!  I have three client 5 star ratings and two friend 5 star ratings! I think it’s important to only have one dog at a time, both for my dogs and the client’s dog.