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How to utilize the Rover Store Welcome Kits

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If you order the Welcome Kit 1 or Welcome Kit 2 from the Rover Store, you are in for a treat! These kits offer everything you could need to promote and grow your business. If you’re a RoverGO sitter, you get one of these for free but anyone can and should utilize these amazing packages.

Use your Goodies

There are so many ways to utilize the items you receive in your Welcome Kit. We’ve listed our favorites here:

  • T-shirt: Wear it when you go to meet and greets, walks, or drop-in visits. It’s a great way to promote yourself.
  • Thank you cards: Use your pack of Rover thank you cards to give positive feedback to your furry clients and their owners. This is a great reminder for owners to give you a five-star review and use you again!
  • Business Cards: Hand out your business cards anywhere people bring their dogs--the dog park, vet offices, even the pet shelter is a great place to drop off a card or two. You never know who will pick them up! Be sure to add your custom coupon code and profile link to your customizable cards.
  • Poop Bags:  Not just for scooping up poop! Staple a poop bag to a business card, and attach them to telephone poles or bulletin boards in your neighborhood. That way, local owners can get a free poop bag and a business card that helps promote your profile!
  • Bandanas: There are endless possibilities for your bandanas. Use them as accessories when you take photos of canine clients, advertise your business when you’re out on walks, or add them to a goodie bag when dogs are ready to go home.
  • Water Bowl: This collapsible water bowl is perfect to bring on walks or car rides so your furry friends can enjoy a drink.

The Welcome Kit is designed to help you start your business off on the right foot. By utilizing the kit to get your name out there, you’ll get more clients (and furry friends) in no time.

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