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Ready to Book? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Community Manager
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You’ve replied to an owner’s message and hit it off at the Meet & Greet. Congrats! So how do you know if you’re ready to book—and what buttons do you need to press to make it official? Check out some insider info below for our best booking practices.

Booking is great for your search rank

Before making a final decision, keep in mind that each booking is important. On average, our top sitters book two out of every three stay requests they receive.

One of the factors that goes into your search rank (the spot where your profile shows up in an owner’s search results) is the rate of requests you end up booking. Bottom line: We’ll reward you for great service, and booking most requests you get is part of delivering great service to dog owners.

Not a good fit? Not a problem—just let them know

Booking stays is great for your search rank, but it’s okay to say no if there are too many question marks. Just make sure to communicate this professionally and courteously, ideally at the end of the Meet & Greet. You could frame it as, “Thanks for taking the time to meet with me. Your dog seems really sweet, but I don’t know if they’d have a great time with my high-energy dog. I’d be happy to tell you what to search for when you’re looking for your next sitter though.” The dog owner will appreciate your having their dog’s best interest in mind.

Does it seem like a great fit? Show your enthusiasm

If you feel like it’s a great fit, let the owner know you’re excited for the next steps. Tell them what you enjoyed about the Meet & Greet, and even include a few things you love about their dog after meeting them.

Share what you’ll do to make their dog’s stay fun

Is their dog high energy? Mention long walks or daily visits to dog parks for a game of fetch. If their dog is a cuddle bug, plan on spending time snuggling and watching Netflix.

If you’re caring for other animals at the same time, let the owner know

If you’re providing care for other dogs or animals, let the owner know and communicate the safety measures you will take. For example, tell them that you have pens or barriers you can set up to separate dogs if need be, or that you will not bring dogs from other stays into their home.

How to book on Rover

Once you and the dog owner agree it’s a great match—and you’ve discussed what we mentioned above—it’s easy to book on Rover. Either you or the owner can initiate the booking, but here’s what you do:

  1. Go to your Rover inbox and find your conversation with the dog owner.
  2. Select Book It Now.
  3. The owner has 72 hours to confirm, then you’re all set!

Every Rover service you offer is covered by 24/7 support, access to veterinary consultation, and the Rover Guarantee. We’ve got your back with every booking so you can focus on the good stuff: Watching dogs and making money.

Best of luck—you got this!

Author: Victoria Harrell