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Rover Employee Spotlight: Phil H.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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There’s always work to be done here at Rover–whether it’s vetting applications, testing a new feature, or providing support. We’re growing fast, bringing in some of the brightest Dog People committed to making pet care safe, easy, and affordable. Meet the people behind the scenes who support Rover sitters in the US and beyond!

Meet Phil H., Email Marketing Specialist

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 What does a typical day look like for you at Rover?

I have to start of by filling up a couple of beverage cups with water, coffee, and sparkling water. Then filter through some morning emails. Once I get through the morning routine, I look at our email calendar and check the status of any on-going projects. Once that's set, I'll dive into some of the larger projects that I have going on which is where I find the most enjoyment. Throughout the day I'll take my pup Ginger out for a couple potty breaks, which is also good for me as well because I get to see the sun! Outside of that I usually have some meetings. Most days are good days, it's a great atmosphere to work in.

When you're not at Rover, what can we usually find you up to?
I enjoy cooking and my kitchen is my favorite room in my apartment. I love hosting people and preparing a tasty meal. For example, last year I hosted Philsgiving and made several dishes while friends provided other potluck style dishes. The thing is, I love food!
What is the best part of your day at Rover?
Right now, working on holiday stuff for sitters in the middle of September. It's actually very enjoyable! I even listen to a little holiday music to get into the right state of mind.
Do you have any pets? If so, tell us about them!
I have the sweetest little 4 month old puppy named Ginger. I've had her for 2 months now. She comes to work with me and loves everyone and every dog. She takes pride in her smarts and already graduated from puppy kindergarten with flying colors.

What’s one thing you want Rover sitters to know about the work your team is doing?

Each email that we send, we have the sitter in mind and we try to include information that is useful to you, as well and somewhat entertaining. We appreciate you!
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks, @Phill, for sharing more about what you do with the Rover sitter community!