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Sitter Spotlight: Jessica, Active & Proactive!

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How did you get started pet sitting or dog walking?

I started out pet sitting for family and friends while I was in college.  

It was a great way to earn money while also focusing on my studies. I could do my homework and be motivated to exercise by getting the dogs outside for a nice walk!     


How long have you been pet sitting or walking with Rover?

I started pet sitting with Rover four years ago, and dog walking with Rover about 1 year ago.


For you, what is the best thing about being a pet sitter or walker?

The best thing about being a pet sitter and walker is being able to set my own schedule, meeting new people and building connections, learning about places and neighborhoods, and, of course, the greatest part is getting to spend time with so many adorable dogs!  


Would you tell us about causes or activities you devote your time to or issues you feel passionate about?


I am (& have been) a volunteer for several organizations including:

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Snoqualmie Homeless Shelter, SheJumps (promotes participation of women & girls in outdoor activities), Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, and the BRAVE Conference for young girls involved in the foster care system.

I am an avid nature lover, which I thankfully get from my parents.  

Being in the wilderness and outside has taught me so much about the importance of taking care of the world and other beings around us so that all can enjoy it, especially the animals that call it home.  

I devote much of my spare time to volunteering and leading activities that encourage others to spend time outdoors and learn about the wilderness.


What's your sitter "super power"?

Placing dogs under a nap spell after a nice long walk/hike/jog! If a client’s dog likes to get out and have some fun, they've found the right sitter!  


If you needed a pet sitter or dog walker, what are the top 3 characteristics you would seek out?

  1. Promptly responsive to questions and inquiries
  2. Kind and respectful, and my dog likes them!
  3. Has great reviews on their Rover profile


How do you recharge after a busy day?

I spend time with my dog, paint, pick up a dog walk request, or go for a bike ride!


What is your favorite podcast, TV show and/or movie?

Podcast: RadioLab

TV Show: The Fosters, and The Newsroom

Movie: Wayne’s World (Party Time!)

Do you have a favorite story about a dog you have met through Rover?

My very first Rover client is the cutest little Pomeranian named Poe.  

He likes to wake me up by licking my nose and then wants to play fetch as often as possible!  He now has a biological sister from another litter, and I get to take care of both of them.

She gets sooo excited, smiles, and wriggles her butt so fast when she sees anyone.  It is the cutest thing, and I am so grateful that my first booking turned into one of my regular clients!


What advice would you give to a new sitter or walker?

Pet sitting is a ton of fun!  

It is important to keep an open mind, and know that you may come across some pet parents who do things differently than you might.  Make sure the pup gets the best care while maintaining their routine. Even if you can’t take a booking request, do all you can to help a client find what they are looking for in a pet sitter. Those conversations can turn into future bookings or referrals. Get ready to have a great time with some amazing dogs!

Awesome!  Thank you so much, Jessica! It was a pleasure to speak to you and hear the passion you have for dogs, the outdoors and commitment to helping others.

If you'd like to check out Jessica's profile (and photos of those outdoor adventures), you can do so here



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