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Tips For Getting Your First Repeat Client

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Once you’ve completed your first few stays, you can start thinking about how to make sure your past clients become repeat clients. Your tally of repeat clients not only appears on your Rover profile, but they can also become a consistent source of income and business. For top sitters, 68% of their business comes from repeat clients and sitters with repeat clients earn up to 3x more each month! Owners love booking with the same client, as it fosters a great relationship between both owner and sitter as well as dog and sitter! Here are a few tips on how to get your first repeat client.

  • Create a personal relationship: Make sure you’re always professional when dealing with clients, but keep it friendly! There are many ways to make your client and their pet feel special and this is where you can create a lasting relationship. Sending photos, communicating with specific details, and sending videos are all ways you can stand out from the pack.


  • Stay in touch: You can message your past clients at any time by finding the ‘past stays’ tab in your inbox. Tell the owner how much you enjoyed looking after their dog—and that you’d like to sit them again. You can also reach out during busy season or around holidays, letting the owner know you have open availability in case they are looking for care.
  • Offer an incentive: During a stay, send your Rover dog home with a treat, fun toy, or some poop bags. After a stay, when reaching out again, you can offer an owner a small incentive. Try offering $5 off their next stay, a free pick-up, or a bath. PRO TIP: Send every client home with a ‘doggy bag’ that contains a thank you note, treats, and one of your business cards!
  • Be considerate: Treat your clients with respect and remember that you are taking care of their special pet and running a business. Be on time to meet and greets, pick-ups, and drop-offs and make sure to have all of your furry client’s belongings packed a few minutes before they are picked up.
  • Get specific: Think about what makes you standout as a sitter. Make sure to highlight this in your messages and on your profile. Are you a professional photographer? Maybe you have a doggy spa in your house and specialize in cleaning pups? Are you pet CPR certified or have training at a vet office? These are all things you should specify in your profile as owners love to learn what makes you special!

Taking time to build relationships with your clients pays off, especially when it comes to getting your first repeat client so make sure to utilize these tips form the Rover team. Remember to reach out to past clients for a review and keep in close contact!