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Welcome to Rover! Here’s What You Need to Know

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Congrats! Your profile has been approved and is now live on So…what now? We know things can be a bit overwhelming when you’re new, but we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about how to use Rover, how to provide amazing care, and where to go if you have any questions.

How to Get Your First Request Faster

Once your profile is live on Rover, dog owners can start sending you requests. Even though you’re new, there are a few things you can do to give yourself a competitive advantage. You’re more likely to get your first request if you:

And once you get your first request, we strongly recommend you book it. Booking your first few requests will help your search rank and your performance scores (more on those a bit further down).

How to Turn Your First Request Into a Booking

How do dog owners send requests? How do you respond? Here’s how it all works, from start to finish:

  1. When a dog owner sends you a request, you’ll get an email, text, and app notification.
  2. Respond as soon as you can—here’s how to create the perfect response. Requests that are responded to within 5 minutes are 42% more likely to book. The faster you respond, the more likely you are to book.
  3. After you’ve agreed on a time and place to have the Meet & Greet, schedule it by using the Meet & Greet button in your Rover inbox. (Meet & Greets aren’t mandatory, but they’re super helpful. You’re actually 15% more likely to get a second booking from an owner when you do a Meet & Greet.)
  4. If you and your client agree to book, either one of you needs to select “Book It Now,” also in your Rover inbox. Here’s more info on how to book.
  5. Once your client accepts the request, you’ll get an email confirmation. You’ll automatically get paid two days after the stay or walk ends. Here’s how to request a payout.
  6. Deliver 5-star service to get that 5-star review. Part of that is making sure to send photos through Rover at least once a day. If it’s a dog walk, drop-in visit, or day care stay, you’ll simply send a Rover Card through the app.

About Booking and Getting Paid on Rover

Because pet safety is our number-one priority (and yours too), our Terms of Service require you to book through Rover. Booking on the site keeps your personal information secure and gives you a bunch of great benefits, including access to 24/7 support, a dedicated team of Trust & Safety specialists, and the Rover guarantee for dogs in your care.

How to Understand Search Rank and Performance Scores

Now that you know a bit about how to get and book your first request, we want to give some background about how pet owners will find your profile. It all boils down to your search rank:

  • Search rank is… search rank = where your profile lands in a dog owner’s search results. The higher your search rank, the more likely you are to get requests. We also take your preferences and availability into account when a dog owner searches. That way, even if you don’t show up on the first page, you’re more likely to get requests that are right for you.
  • How to know your search rank. Your search rank is tied to your performance scores, which you can see on your profile page. Your scores are private, ever-changing, and allow you to see how you’re doing at a glance. Rather than typing out more here, we’re going to recommend you read this post—we promise it’s worth a few minutes of your time.

How to Provide Safe Care, Every Time

We hope you love getting to know your dog clients. We also want to make sure you feel prepared for any situation that could come up. If you follow these safety tips, you’re much more likely to have safe stays and walks:

  • Supervise dogs when they’re outside, even in a fenced yard.
  • Add a second barrier around doorways to the outside (baby gates and exercise pens work great for this). Block doorways with your body and be extra careful when opening home and car doors.
  • Pick up anything that can fit in a dog’s mouth—toys, socks, you name it.
  • Separate dogs during mealtimes. If they’re from different families, separate them when you’re not home too. Speaking of food…watch for counter surfing and read up on dog proofing.
  • Most services include dog walks, which have their own safety challenges. Check out our dog walking safety post for more info.
  • Add the number of our Trust & Safety team to your contacts: 888-727-1140. Give us a call if you have a health or safety issue during a stay or walk. Even if it’s the middle of the night, we’ll answer and jump into action.

You can also check out our YouTube channel, which has several safety videos just for sitters and dog walkers.

How to Get 5x More Business

Rover does advertise on your behalf, but you can also attract dog owners who’ve never heard of Rover to your profile. It may sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple:

  • Create your profile link and promo code. If you haven’t already, go ahead and create your profile link and promo code on your dashboard. You can do this under the heading “Earn More, Play More.”
  • How your profile link and promo code work. When a pet parent new to Rover creates an account from your profile link and adds your promo code to their account, they’ll get $20 off their first booking—and you’ll still get paid your full rate.

We’ve got some ideas about how to share your profile link and promo code—check ’em out and find some that work for you.

How to Get Answers to Your Questions

As you watch and walk more dogs, you’re bound to have questions. Luckily, you have a few places you can consult any time you have a question:

  • The Sitter Resources Center, which covers how to provide amazing care and thrive on Rover. (You may not know it, but you’re actually in the Sitter Resources Center right now.) Go to the Sitter Resources Center Home
  • The Help Center, where you can find account how-to’s (like how to get paid). Go to the Help Center
  • Our YouTube Channel, with videos that cover safety basics—a must for every sitter and dog walker. Go to our YouTube channel

Thanks so much for being part of our community—you’re going to do great!

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I love how I read this blog with the links to automatically click on and the flow. This is so much more easier to read and then if there is something I know I need more information on, then I can come back to the article to click on all the needed links. This is a fabulous welcome blog post.