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Why Pet-Sitting Reviews Are So Important

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Community Manager
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Sixty-five percent of pet parents on Rover say sitter and dog walker reviews play a role in deciding which people to contact. We previously gave you some tips to make sure you give your clients a 5-star experience, but how do you get pet parents to sit down and actually write your 5-star review?

Why Reviews Are So Important

Your average star rating and number of reviews are visible to dog owners when they’re searching for sitters, and they can read your reviews once they click on your profile. Your reviews from first-time clients factor into your booking score, and—if you have more 5-star reviews, you’re more likely to earn repeat clients and improve your repeat score. (Want to learn more about performance scores? Check out custom tips on your profile page.)

Great reviews show dog owners that they should book with you. They like to see that you’re:

  • Providing the great care that you advertise
  • Flexible
  • A great communicator
  • Good at sending consistent photo updates
  • Already building up a loyal client base

The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to get stay requests. Reviews also help paint a picture of the service you deliver, which means you’re more likely to get requests that are right for you.

What We Do to Encourage Your Client to Write a Review

95% of our sitters have nothing but 5-star reviews. We think that’s pretty amazing. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure we can keep those great reviews coming:

  • We send three separate emails to pet owners, asking them to write a review.
  • We send pet owners a text notification to remind them to review the stay.
  • We give pet owners the capability to write a review on the app.

How We Tell You If Your Client Wrote a Review

We’ll email you when a pet owner leaves you a review. If you don’t get an email from us within a few days of a stay ending, feel free to reach out to your client and ask them to leave you a review.

How to Ask Your Client to Leave You a Review

Clients are more likely to write you a review if you deliver great service. If you feel comfortable, you can let your client know you’d love their feedback and to look out for an email from Rover. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, you can give them a thank-you card for allowing you to spend time with their dog or offer them a discount on their next stay or walk.

It’s About Quality and Quantity

The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to get stay requests. And an added bonus? You’ll get to read all the great things your clients have to say about you. Feels good, right?

Author: Shannon C


Are repeat customers sent a request for a review?  I see that sometimes the receive it and other times I get a rover reply that says since this is now a repeat customer I am to send them a request for a review.  That would be fine if rover had a tab for a repeat review.  There is only a place to send a request for a Testimonial.


Hi @4pawsvacations


Yes! Repeat customers do receive requests to leave reviews. 

I am not familiar with the "request for a review feature" you mentioned. Do you happen to have more info on that or a screen shot?


After a new customer completes a stay, I get an auto generated email from rover saying something like...the next time the customer books you can send a request for a review....  That would be a verified stay/day care and not a testimonial.  Once a year I will send a request to my weekly repeat customers asking for a (verified) review, I have to also include instructions on where to go, what to click, etc. because they don't know. I didn't think they were getting a request to review after the service was completed.



Ah, gotcha. 


The email you receive is to let you know that you can reach out to Clients to request a review through the conversation thread in your Rover inbox. 

Your client is more likely to write a review if you send a personalized message, however, there is no link/button to send a request for a review to a client. 


If a client wants to leave a review, they can always access the "Review This Stay" button in their inbox. If a stay has not been reviewed, the green button will be active for that action.



Dog person

What information do we need to add to our business cards?  I was told our personal phone number and our full name.  Do we need to add our Rover code?

Top dog

Many sitters provide their profile link and promo code on business cards.  Your personal phone number is always optional unless you want clients to contact you via that number.  

About the Author
I provide Quality, TLC Pet Care in Mesa, AZ; I am home full time and have a very pet friendly home with a walled backyard and gate that opens to a greenbelt. Pets are kept on leashes during walks in the pet friendly neighborhood and greenbelt. My 4pawsvacationers Love their walks, attention, pampering and TLC. They are happy when their "Pet Parents" come to pick them up but are Very excited when they come back for their next visit. I was a foster parent with a pet rescue 50(c)3 organization for 3 years fostering dogs and cats. Some were special needs. Presently I don't foster. Our 5 year old terrier mix is very sweet, dog friendly with a deep loud bark and loves to greet and play with the "pup" vacation visitors. Your Pup will be loved, pampered and well cared for! My home is Kennel Free unless your dog is crate trained, uses it to "cave" and/or feel secure. Then I request you bring the crate. I do request a copy of the latest vaccinations to verify they are up to date and that they wear collars with tags. I do request your adult dog(s) are house trained and dog friendly. What your Furry Family Member gets:
 *Dog friendly, quality and Loving comfortable home environment;
 *Kennel Free Care unless you bring the kennel; 
*Walks in the pet friendly neighborhood and greenbelt; 
*One-on-one attention and interaction; *Lap pups get plenty of Lap Time;
 *All dogs get Belly Rubs And Pampering What Pet Parents get: 
*Updates and Pictures Daily so Pet Parents know their "pups" are being well cared for! 
*Communication with me by phone and/or email if you provide it to me; 
*Location! Close to the 60, 10, 101 & 202
 *Just minutes from Sky Harbor! I take dogs that are spayed/neutered, not aggressive, is dog friendly with all sizes/breeds, house trained and weighs 40 pounds or less. I can give Oral Medication Administration I have Special Needs Dog Experience I have Senior Dog Experience And Can provide daily exercise