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Why You Might Not Be Getting Booking Requests: Part 1

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Once you become live as a sitter on Rover, you have the ability to accept requests that come in from owners in your area. But what if you’re not getting as many - or any - requests? Even though it’s completely up to owners who they choose to book with, the Rover team has some advice to help your profile stand out in order to get more requests.

Here are five great tips to help you get there:


  • Make sure your profile is up to date, accurate, and professional: We’ve gone over how to edit your profile description and add photos - so make sure to keep your profile full of high-quality photos and informative information. Creating an inviting and thorough profile that details your preferences helps you to stand out. PRO TIP: Have a friend or family member read your profile. Fresh eyes, especially from someone who has owned pets, can help you get a better sense of how your profile reads to someone searching for care.
  • Check your services: Take a look at what services you’re currently offering. Make sure your services aren’t set to ‘away’ or set to ‘repeat clients only’ as that will severely limit who can request your services. PRO TIP: A lot of owners are looking for overnight care, so offering House Sitting or Dog Boarding will open your profile up to more clients. Most sitters who offer boarding get their first request in their first week.
  • Keep your calendar fully up to date: When you accept all or most of the requests you recieve, your profile stands out to owners. Keeping your calendar up to date will help you do this. If you block out days you are unable to provide care, you won’t get requests for these days and that means you won’t have to archive any requests. PRO TIP: Make sure you’re available for consecutive days and consider opening your services up Thursday-Sunday!
  • Set a competitive rate: Setting a competitive rate is important, especially when there are many sitters to choose from. We talked about how to adjust your rate in this article, but remember, if you price your services off the 0 or 5 (think $39 rather than $40), it can really make a difference.
  • Timing Matters: If your profile goes live in the summer, chances are you'll get more booking requests and sooner! Sitters can earn up to 50% more requests during the summer, especially considering it’s primetime for vacation! PRO TIP: Try to accept at least three bookings in your first 90 days on Rover - sitters who accept three bookings within their first three months as sitters on Rover get up to 5x more requests thereafter.


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Dog fanatic

How can you see where you are in your area and why are all the zip codes mixed up?  If someone puts a zip code in for a dog boarder and the zip code is 33312. Why don’t the Sitters in that zip code pop up first instead of that zip code being mixed up with all the other zip codes.


You can hover over the map for your area and enlarge to see who is in your area. A list should be visible and it changes as you move the map. I hope I understood your question.