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Why You Might Not Be Getting Booking Requests: Part 2

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We recently shared five tips on why you might not be getting booking requests, but guess what, we have more! There is always room for improvement on your Rover profile and here are four more ways to help you get more business.

  1. Respond quickly to every request you get: The quicker you reply, the better! Being speedy shows owners you are communicative. Plus, your response rate percentage actually appears on your profile so owners are able to see just how quickly you typically respond to messages. PRO TIP: Since owners sometimes send multiple requests for care, the quicker you respond, the more likely you are to continue a conversation.
  2. Send photos: When an owner books with a sitter, they have the ability to request photos to be sent during the stay. You’ll get notified if an owner chooses this option so make sure to send at least one photo during a stay. If you don’t send photos during a stay, your photo send rate percentage will decrease. Like your response rate percentage, this appears directly on your profile so make sure to send some high-quality, well-lit photos during a stay.  Plus, owners love seeing photos and videos of their dogs enjoying themselves in your care!
  3. Ask your clients for reviews: It might sound odd, but reaching out to clients following a successful stay and asking for a review is a great way to help your profile stand out. Owners look at reviews for credibility and assurance when searching for a sitter, and the more you have, the better. PRO TIP: If you’re worried about asking former clients for reviews, offer them a discount on their next stay or send a photo when you request a review!
  4. Promote your profile: Make sure to utilize the "promote" section of your profile. You can share your profile on craigslist, social media, and other great sites. The Sitter Resources section of the community has some awesome resources for sitters too! Here are few great articles that help sitters get some business. PRO TIP: A fun suggestion is to purchase a set of 250 business cards and staple one to a poop bag and hang that up around town. You can add your custom promo link to the business cards and it’s only $15 for 250! That way owners will see your business card, your code, and get excited by your business.

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If we have cards printed from another source besides Rover, can we have our link and promo code printed on them? I don't mean logo.