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Your Guide to the Perfect Profile and Dog Photos

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Dog and woman in the sun

A lot of sitters and dog walkers have asked us what kinds of photos their clients like to see, whether it’s on sitter profiles or a photo update taken during a walk. Here are some quick tips we’ve learned over the years that’ll help you snag new clients and make your existing ones happy.

How to Pick Your Sitter or Dog Walker Profile Photos

Fit your profile photos to the most recent requirements:

  • Select a primary profile photo of yourself to clearly show your face. It’s great to have additional images of other household members, but the profile photo should just be the main caretaker. Set aside the sunglasses and smile!
  • Choose at least two photos of your home and yard—ideally at least one indoors and one outdoors. Show where their pet will be staying, from cozy dog beds to the perfect fetch area of your yard.

Treat it like a resume:

  • Photos should be friendly and casual, but be professional enough to create trust. Basic tips: take any selfies at eye level (rather than from above), and dress appropriately. This is your first impression—show potential clients you’re responsible and enthused.
  • Having a beer at a barbecue is fun, but keep photos of it off your Rover profile.

Show your home at its best:

  • Make sure you clean your home and poop scoop your yard before taking photos for your profile.
  • Take pictures during the day.
  • Include entire rooms or the whole yard, rather than a single wall or corner of the yard.
  • Take your own photos—authenticity is key. Don’t use photos from your apartment or realtor website.
Share a flattering shot of your home's exterior.


Give pet parents a glimpse of an entire clean and welcoming room.


How to Send Great Photo Updates to Your Clients

Your clients eagerly anticipate each new photo of their dog having a blast. This is your chance to show them their dog is enjoying a lovely staycation or walk with you. Get off on the right foot (or, paw…) with these tips:

Balance fun with relaxation:

  • It’s easier to take photos of napping dogs, but make sure you send at least as many of the dog out on a walk or playing a game.
  • If you talked about a specific exercise routine with the pet parent, send photos of their dog doing it.

Get group shots:

  • Use a treat to get an in-focus picture of several dogs.
  • If you have multiple dogs in the home and can get photos of the group playing, send ’em!


  • Taking a dog on a long walk or quick jog can result in light panting that looks like a smile. It’s a great trick many pet photographers use for cute photos.
  • Pick the best shots where the dog looks the happiest.

With a little mindfulness, it’s easy to take great photos! Now grab a camera and have fun.