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Availability/New Clients Have A ?

We need a better way for our clients to be able to find us (and referral from clients) to find us when we have our self on unavailable. I have had many clients and referrals wanting to get in touch with me for other dates that I am available, but they are unavailable to find me, because I have my self unvailable on the date they are looking to find me. We need a way for them to contact us at all times. Even if its a new client just having a question. Which leads to another problem if they have just a question they have to fake dates just to get through, which then screws up the calendar for availablity and then when you archive goes against you. This really needs to be fixed.

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Re: Availability/New Clients Have A ?

The old DogVacay App had a way for any client to send you a message without creating a booking request, this also pertained to sitter to sitter communication.    The sitter community over multiple forums the old Q&A and multiple Facebook groups have been asking for a feature like this for years and years but it has fallen on deaf ears.


Re: Availability/New Clients Have A ?

I totally agree! Being able to message us without signing up would be nice.

I would also like to be able to contact other sitters in my area. Since we are promoting community amongst us, wouldn't that be helpful?

I would also like to be able to send a mass blind carbon copy to my clients as a group for keeping them informed about certain things. I recently changed my rates but grandfathered in my original clients at the old rate as a thank you for getting me started with Rover. I sent them a message one by one to disregard the new rate. It was tedious. We have technology available but it is limited.

Rover monitors our messages. It's not like we are trying to go under the radar.

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