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Boarding at my home


im doing my first board over the holiday- have been walking and drop in for about 2 years now🐶 I have habe puppy Corsi cane coming to stay with us - any suggestions besides the norm? Thanks

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Re: Boarding at my home

Boarding is completely different from drop in and walking visits at the dog's  home. There is a lot more preparation for your home that will likely pay off. Especially for a puppy.

For starters, let the pet parent know what are the items they must provide (such as collar with ID tags, harness, leash, approved food & treats, meds., vet info., local emergency contact) and what items are optional (may include crate or indoor playpen, bed, bowls, pee pads/belly band/or diapers if using, comfort item such as clothing,toy)  when they bring the dog. If you don't already have or the pet parent isn't bringing, I highly recommend setting up either indoor gate or indoor playpen on easily cleaned floor in advance, for safety when you can't watch puppy (including time in shower) or anyone goes in&out of door. Stock up with lots of paper towels and cleaning solutions. Also anything previously listed as optional for owner to bring. Puppy proof home, meaning move anything puppy could possibly access - breakables, valuables, and anything puppy could ingest or otherwise inflict injury (might need to crawl around to see attractions from his viewpoint).

Hopefully, you aready know this puppy well and vice versa. If not, you may want to ask the pet parent to book a daycare or overnight stay at your home to help puppy adjust. If you don't know this dog's routine (meal&walk times), behavioral preferences, triggers and training progress, you'll want to find out, so you can adjust to what the puppy is used to. With a puppy, the pet parent likely does not know how the puppy will do left alone in your home, so prepare for the possibility that the puppy may not cope well. It's common for sitters to not leave a boarding dog for the first day at least.