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Booking problem

This customer wanted to book me for a 4-5hr house sitting visit . The booking visit was 80$ which she couldn’t pay , so I suggested that she change the booking to a drop in visit , I intended to tell her that even though drop in visits are only for a half hour I would stay the 4-5hrs for her . She replied before I could tell her that by saying she needed me to stay the 4-5hrs and said me she might cancel and try again . I decided to look at the price details and see why it was 80$ when my house sit rate is only 45$ for the age of dog that she has . When I looked at the details I saw that she had listed a dog(which I would be caring for and a parrot(who she told me wouldn’t need any caring for) which why was the price was higher than what it should be . I explained the problem to her and she said she would fix it but has made no more attempts to contact me . I waited a couple of hours after her last text to give her time to contact me . I just sent her a text asking if she wanted to continue with the booking , but haven’t heard back from her . Is there anything else I can or should do or did wrong ? 


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Re: Booking problem

It sounds like you did all you could in this scenario. Sometimes, even when you give it all you can to meet their needs, the booking just doesn't happen (suddenly a friend, family member or neighbor may become available or they reach out to another sitter). For that person, my hunch is it was one of those reasons mentioned.

If the client user was having troubles (which it doesn't sound like applies to that person) navigating the system to add or delete pets, or modify service, you can also suggest that rover support can help them make changes in order to successfully book. 

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Re: Booking problem

I know this question is old and long resolved for you I am sure, but in case someone new is looking at this thread with the same question.  I am new and had a similar situation on my second booking.  I just offered to modify the booking directly.  You can change the total price without changing the particulars of the stay on the site.  I don't know if there are any reasons not to do this I haven't thought of since I am new.  But it's been working for me and I was able to save my second booking by quickly telling her I could do this.

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